Excerpts of Reviews & Articles About Joseph Celli
  "...the avant-garde's star of the oboe....the premiere oboist, with an aggressive style and incredible multiphonics....the virtuoso squealer has achieved total multiculturality." VILLAGE VOICE

"...boldly experimental...." DOWNBEAT MAGAZINE

"A wonderfully bizarre oboe,....all manner of electronic wheezes, clicks and sputters,....it wasn't boring!" LOS ANGELES TIMES

"...the audience obviously loved the show, (but) it was John Cage who with persistent applause single-handedly forced an encore." VILLAGE VOICE

"The most striking sound effects however, came not from the strings (Kronos Quartet) but from the guest oboist Joseph Celli....it held the attention." THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...a virtuoso who does magical and unlikely things with an oboe." LOS ANGELESE TIMES

"The beauty of this work is that it's always new, always unique and never sends you home humming a tune....it leaves you full of ideas of your own and a sense that you have been exploring new cerebral turf." COLLEGE MUSIC JOURNAL

"Celli.... approximated vocalization - with melisma on the buzzy Mukha Veena, with virtuosic articulation on oboe, with a falsetto between Betty Boop's and Chipmunk Alvin's on Korean piri, and with surprisingly sweet suppleness on English horn without reeds." VILLAGE VOICE

"...superb avant-garde oboist..." CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"Celli's technique is astonishing....(he) is able to shape remarkable landscapes combining traditional tones with breathing, vocal cries, overblowing and percussive effects....Celli extends music and the limits of his instrument far beyond conventional ideas." ISTHMUS Madison, Wisconsin

"...definitely a remarkable performer." HARTFORD TIMES

"There were gasps and shouts when he (Celli) began producing wide, multi-phonic blocks of sound from a common-and-garden variety oboe...intense, humorous, delicate, raucous, cool, emotional and more..." SYDNEY HERALD (Australia)

" the restless reeds of Joseph Celli in his solo transported the audience to the diabolical bow of Paganini which hardly could have accomplished with such facility Celli's virtuoso effects." O GLOBO (Brazil)

“…daring double-reed player Joseph Celli….Celli’s refined extended techniques on oboe and English Horn enabled him to mimic and complement the mournful wail of the piri. LOS ANGELES TIMES

“This bearded virtuoso from Connecticut will make the oboe wheeze, walk, and wail like the wind itself.” The Chicago Reader

"This is one of the best examples (NO WORLD TRIO IMPROVISATIONS CD) of a global resume and changing characteristics via improvisational concepts. Totally essential listening." READING (PA) TIMES

Complete Articles with Joseph Celli
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Classical Music Review:
VideoEars MusicEyes Joseph Celli, December 24, 1991, The New York Times

  Kronos Quartet, Ornette Coleman and Joseph Celli (The New York Times, 1986)

Kronos Quartetat Weill Hall, January 18, 1987, The New York Times

Coleman Jazz Festival, June 30, 1985, The New York Times

An Arts Neighborhood In Hartford, January 29, 1984, The New York Times

Festival Salutes John Cage, August 30, 1981, The New York Times

Joseph Celli Offers Mixed-Media Music, June 14, 1977, The New York Times